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HPHY 253 Homework 24a Dr. A. E. Bak Name 24 : 2 . A vertical electric ±eld of magnitude 2 : 00 10 4 N= C exists above Earth²s surface on a day when a thunderstorm is brewing. A car, with a rectangular cross-section of size 6 : 00 m by 3 : 00 m , is traveling along a dry gravel roadway that slopes downward at 10 : 0 . Determine the electric ³ux through the bottom of the car. 24 : 12 . In the air over a particular region, the electric ±eld is 120 N= C directed straight down at an altitude of 500 m . At 600 m above the ground, the electric ±eld is 100 N= C directed straight down. What is the average volume charge density in the layer of air between these two elevations? Is it positive or negative? 24 : 42 . Consider the nonuniform electric ±eld E = ay e x + bz e y + cx e z , where a , b , and c are constants. Determine the electric ³ux through a rectangular surface in the xy
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