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HPHY 253 Homework 28a Capacitance and Resistance Dr. A. E. Bak Name 26 : 4 . Consider Earth and a cloud layer 800 m above it as the ±plates²of a capacitor. Calculate the capacitance of the Earth-cloud layer system, assuming that the cloud layer has an area of 1 : 00 km 2 and that the air between the cloud and ground is pure and dry. As time goes on, charge builds up on both the cloud and ground until a uniform electric ³eld of magnitude 3 : 00 10 6 N= C throughout the space between them, makes the air break down and conduct electricity as a lightning bolt. What is the maximum charge that the cloud can hold? 26 : 12 . Two capacitances C 1 = 5 : 00 and C 2 = 12 : 0 are connected in parallel, and the resulting combination is connected to a 9 : 00 - V battery. (a) Find the equivalent capacitance of the combination. (b) Find the potential di/erence across each capacitor. (c) Find the amount of charge stored on each capacitor.
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