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Unformatted text preview: HPHY 253 Homework 29 Magnetic Forces Dr. A. E. Bak Name 1. Serway & Jewett Problem 29 : 1 . Determine the initial direction of the de¡ection of charged particles as each enters a region of magnetic ¢eld as shown in Figure P 29 : 1 . 2. In fair weather at the equator near Earth£s surface, the magnetic ¢eld is approximately 50 : &T straight north and the electric ¢eld is about 100 N= C straight down. At some instant of time, an electron is moving through this environment with a velocity of 6 : 00 & 10 6 m=s straight east. Find the gravitational, electric, and magnetic forces on the electron at that instant. 3. Serway & Jewett Problem 29 : 9 . At a particular location, Earth£s magnetic ¢eld is directed straight down and has a magnitude of 50 : &T . A proton is moving horizontally in this ¢eld with a velocity of 6 : 20 & 10 6 m=s straight west. (a) What are the magnitude and direction of the magnetic force on the proton?...
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