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HPHY 253 Homework 31a Dr. A. E. Bak Name 31 : 2 . A ±at loop of wire consists of a single turn of cross-sectional area 8 : 00 cm 2 . The loop is perpendicular to a magnetic ²eld that increases uniformly in magnitude from 0 : 500 T to 2 : 50 T in 1 : 00 s . What is the resulting induced current if the loop has a resistance of 2 : ? 31 : 6 . In order to monitor the breathing of a hospital patient, a thin belt is girded around the patient³s chest. The belt is a 200 -turn coil. When the patient inhales, the area encircled by the coil increases by 39 : 0 cm 2 . Earth³s magnetic ²eld here has a magnitude of 50 : 0 and makes an angle of 28 : 0 with the plane of the coil. Assuming that a patient takes 1 : 80 s to inhale, ²nd the average induced emf in the coil during this time interval. 31 : 8 . A rectangular wire loop of length L and width w and an in²nitely long, thin, straight wire carrying a current
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