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Lesson 1.2 Homework 1. How many kilojoules of heat energy are generated when a 1200-kg car moving at 108 km.h -1 is brought to rest by applying brakes? 2. A water heater can supply heat at the rate of 1500 J a second. How many kilograms of water can be heated from 20 o C to 60 o C in 15 minutes? 3. What will be the equilibrium temperature when a 245-g block of copper at 300 o C is placed in a 150-g aluminum cup containing 820 g of water at 20 o C? 4. When 215 g of a substance is heated to 330 o C and dropped into a 100- g aluminum calorimeter containing 140 g of water at 21 o C, the equilibrium temperature of the system is 43 o C. What is the specific heat of the substance? Use its specific heat to identify the substance. 5. You have 0.5 kg of water at 20 o C. Assuming no heat transfer to the environment, how much ice at –10 o C should be added to chill the water to 0 o C with no ice remaining.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. A 0.5-kg block of ice at 10 o C is placed in a punch bowl with 4.0 kg of water at 20 o C. Assume no heat transfer to the surrounding and neglect the thermal effects of the punch bowl itself. (i) does all ice melt?, If not, how much is left? (ii) What is the final temperature of the system? 7. What mass of steam at 100 o c must be added to 1.0 Kg of ice at 0 o C to yield liquid water at 20 o C? 8. If 5.2 10 6 J of heat energy is added to a gas at constant volume, (i) what is the work done on the gas (ii) What is the change in its internal energy? 9. When 900 J of heat energy are added to a gas at constant pressure, its internal energy increases by 450 J. What is the work done on the gas? 10. A gas at constant pressure does 900 J of work in expanding. If no heat is added to the system, what is its change in internal energy?...
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