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Lesson 3.4 Homework Solutions 1. Two resistors A and B are connected is series across a potential difference. A has twice the resistance of B. If the current in A is 2.0 A, what is the current in B? When the resistors are in series, the current is the same in all the resistors. Therefore, the current in B = 2.0 A 2. When two identical resistors are connected in series across a battery, the power delivered by the battery is 20 W. If these resistors are connected in parallel across the same battery, what is the power delivered by the battery? R R Total resistance = 2R E If E is the emf of the cell, then the power P of the cell is: 2 2 2 Since the total resistance is 2R, 20 2 40 E P R E R E R = = = R R Total resistance = R/2 E The total resistance when in parallel is R/2. The power P supplied by the battery is: 2 2 2 2 /2 4 4 20 2 80 E E P R R R W E = = = ⋅ = = × 3. Two resistors connected in series have an equivalent resistance of 690 . When they are connected in parallel, their equivalent resistance is
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Lesson_3.4_Homework_and_Solutions - Lesson 3.4 Homework...

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