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Lesson 5 Homework 1. For a projectile motion at an angle θ relative to the level surface, sketch the graphs of (i) y versus t, (ii) x versus t, (iii) v x versus t, and (iv) v y versus t 2. The x-component of the velocity of an object moving in a straight line with a sped of 10 ms -1 is 7.0 ms -1 . (i) What is the direction of motion of the object? (ii) What is the y-component of its velocity? 3. A bullet is projected with a velocity of 300 ms -1 at an angle 7.8 o with the horizontal. What is the velocity of the bullet at the highest point on its trajectory? 4. A ball is thrown horizontally from the top of a building 39.2 m high and it hits the ground and it hits the ground 42.4 m from the foot of the building. (i) What is the initial velocity of the ball? (ii) What is the velocity of the ball when it hits the ground? 5. Two trains traveling with constant speeds of 90 kmh -1 approach each other on straight parallel tracks. If the trains are 5 km apart, how long
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