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Lesson 5 Homework 1. For a projectile motion at an angle θ relative to the level surface, sketch the graphs of (i) y versus t, (ii) x versus t, (iii) v x versus t, and (iv) v y versus t (i) The vertical motion of the projectile is the same as the motion of a vertically projected object. Each second y becomes smaller, it reaches the maximum value and then increases downward. y t (ii) Since the horizontal velocity remains a constant, the horizontal displacement x is directly proportional to time t. x = v x t What is the slope of this graph? x t (iii) v x remains a constant with time. The graph is a horizontal line. v x t
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(iv) v y initially has a maximum positive value, it decreases to zero at the highest point then increases in the negative direction. v y t 2. The x-component of the velocity of an object moving in a straight line with a sped of 10 ms -1 is 7.0 ms -1 . (i) What is the direction of motion of the object? (ii) What is the y-component of its velocity? (i) v x = 7 ms -1 , v = 10 ms -1 v x = v cos θ 7 = 10 cos θ cos θ = 0.7, θ = 45.6 o (ii) v y = v sin θ = 10 sin 45.6 o = 7.14 ms -1 3. A bullet is projected with a velocity of 300 ms -1 at an angle 7.8 o with the horizontal. What is the velocity of the bullet at the highest point on its trajectory?
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Lesson_1.5_Homework_Solution - Lesson 5 Homework 1 For a...

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