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PHY2048 Unit 2 Assignment(a)

PHY2048 Unit 2 Assignment(a) - Grading Rubrics Question 1...

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PHY2048 Unit 2 Assignment Show all your steps and draw diagrams where necessary. Add explanatory notes where necessary. 1. A 2.0 kg ball is attached to a vertical post with two strings, one 2.0 m long and the other 1.0 m long as shown in the figure. If the ball is set whirling in a horizontal circle, what is the minimum speed necessary for the lower string to be taught? If the ball has a constant speed of 6 ms -1 , find the tension on each string. 2. At the end of a factory production line, boxes start from rest and slide down a 30 o ramp 5.4 m long. If the slide is to take no more than 3.3 s, what is the maximum coefficient of friction between the box and the slide?
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Unformatted text preview: Grading Rubrics Question 1 carries 12 points as follows: 1. Picking the data and representing them using the correct symbols – 2 2. Drawing a diagram showing all the forces - 4 3. Using the diagram to form equations = 4 4. Solving the equations for correct results - 2 Question 2 carries 8 points as follows: a. Calculating acceleration of the box - 4 b. Calculating the net force on the box - 2 c. Correct result - 2 GE outcomes assessed in these two questions include critical thinking (CT), quantitative reasoning (QR) and technology/information (TIM) skills. 2.0 m 1 m 2 kg...
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