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PHY2048 Unit 5 Assignment(a)

PHY2048 Unit 5 Assignment(a) - percentage change in the...

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PHY2048 Unit 5 Assignment Show all your steps and draw diagrams where necessary. 1. A 780-g mass is attached to a vertical spring and lowered slowly until the mass rests at its equilibrium position 30 cm below the original length of the spring. It is then set into simple harmonic motion of amplitude 5 cm. (a) What is the frequency and period of the oscillation? (b) What is the maximum velocity of the oscillating mass? Where does the maximum velocity occur? (c) What is the maximum acceleration of the oscillating mass? Where does the maximum acceleration occur? (d) Draw a diagram showing how the total energy of the oscillating system changes with time. 2. The G string of a guitar which should be 392 Hz is playing flat at 380 Hz. What
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Unformatted text preview: percentage change in the tension of the wire is required so as to tune the string to 392 Hz? Grading Rubrics Question 1 carries 12 points as follows: a. Correct frequency and period 2 b. Correct value of v max and its position - 4 c. Correct value of a max and its position = 4 d. Correct diagram - 2 Question 2 carries 8 points as follows: 1. Setting up equations for the frequency for tensions T1 and T2 - 4 2. setting up the expression for percent change - 2 3. Final result 2 GE outcomes assessed in these two questions include critical thinking (CT), quantitative reasoning (QR) and technology/information (TIM) skills....
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