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EE3015 Computer Networks Quiz 2 (Solution) Wed. afternoon Semester A, 2010/11 1. (8%)File size= 44.1KHz *16 bits * 180 sec *2 channels= 30 MByte 2. (8%) In parallel transmission, n wires are used to transmit n bits at one time; signals on all wires are synchronized. However, in serial transmission, one bit follow another, so we need only one communication channel rather than n to transmit data between two communication devices. 3. (8%) The dispersion is small and hence higher bit rate can be supported. 4. (8%) CSMA is Carrier Sense Multiple Access. It is used in random access protocols. It means that stations listen to the medium before transmitting- if there is already a transmission going on, they do not transmit. This avoids collisions. CD is Collision Detection. It means that stations can detect a collision while transmission, so that they can stop transmission immediately. This improves efficiency. 5. (9%) a) (3%) The CRC bit pattern is 1. b) (3%) The CRC bit pattern is 0. c) (3%) Even parity check
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6. (15%) a) (10%) 0.3 (1 ) (1 2 ) 0.7 (1 2 ) 0.7 (1 ) 2 Total throughput
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Quiz2_Solution_Wed_Afternoon - EE3015 Computer Networks...

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