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EE3015 Tutorial 7 (Solution) Question 1 It is in ad-hoc mode. The difference between these two modes can be found in the lecture notes. Question 2 We ignore the transmission delay of the RTS, CTS, and ACK. Time required = DIFS + Transmission delay of the packet + 3 * SIFS = DIFS + 1000 * 8 bits / 11 Mbps + SIFS = DIFS + 3 * SIFS + 727 μ s Question 3 a) No VC number can be assigned.
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Unformatted text preview: b) Each link has 2 VC numbers available. Totally, there are four links. Hence, there are 2 4 = 16 combinations. Question 4 a) Datagram architecture. Dynamic routing can be used. If a router fails, packets can be routed through another path. b) VC architecture. There is no connection establishment in datagram network. Performance guarantee cannot be provided....
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