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tutorial4 - Pkt 0 Pkt 1 Pkt 2(wait(loss ACK 0 Receive Pkt 0...

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EE3015 Tutorial 4 (Go-Back-N and Selective Repeat) Problems: 1. Two hosts communicate with each other using a pipelined protocol with window size equal to w . Let the transmission rate of the link connecting the two hosts be 10 Mbps and the end-to-end delay be 12 msec. Suppose that each packet carries 10 Kbits. Find the maximum utilization of the link for the following cases: a) w = 10; b) w = 20; c) w = 30. 2. Suppose Host A uses Go-Back-N to send four packets (Pkt 0, 1, 2, and 3) to Host B. Complete the following diagram until Host A receives all the acknowledgements. Show the transmission of all data packets and acknowledgement packets. Indicate the packets discarded by Host B, if any.
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Unformatted text preview: Pkt 0 Pkt 1 Pkt 2 (wait) (loss) ACK 0 Receive Pkt 0 Host A Host B 3. Consider the stop-and-wait protocol. Draw a diagram showing that if the network connection between the sender and receiver can reorder messages (that is, that two messages propagating in the medium between the sender and receiver can be reordered), then the protocol will not work correctly. 4. Consider the Selective-Repeat protocol. Suppose the sequence number space is of size k . What is the largest allowable sender window that will avoid the occurrence of problems in the lecture notes?...
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