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tutorial7 - EE3015 Tutorial 7(WiFi VC network and datagram...

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EE3015 Tutorial 7 (WiFi, VC network and datagram network) Problems: 1. What does it mean for a wireless network to be operating in “infrastructure mode”? If the network is not in infrastructure mode, what mode of operation is it in, and what is the difference between that mode of operation and infrastructure mode? 2. Suppose an 802.11b station is configured to always reserve the channel with the RTS/CTS sequence. Suppose this station suddenly wants to transmit 1,000 bytes of data, and all other stations are idle at this time. As a function of SIFS and DIFS, and ignoring propagation delay and assuming no bit errors, calculate the time required to transmit the frame and receive the acknowledgement. 3. Consider a VC network with a 2-bit field for the VC number. Suppose that the network wants to set up a VC over four links: link A, link B, link C, and link D. Suppose that each of these links is currently carrying two other VCs, and the VC numbers of these other VCs are as follows: Link A
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