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EE3015 Tutorial 9 (Transport Layer) Review Questions: y Describe why an application developer might choose to run an application over UDP rather than TCP. Problems: 1. Suppose Host A sends two TCP segments back to back to Host B over a TCP connection. The first segment has sequence number 90; the second has sequence number 110. a) How much data is in the first segment? b) Suppose that the first segment is lost but the second segment arrives at B. In the acknowledgement that Host B sends to Host A, what will the ACK number be? 2. Host A wants to send a file of 4,000 bytes to host B using TCP. Suppose a TCP connection has been made. The initial sequence number (SN) is equal to 1,000 and the MSS is 1,000 bytes. Assume that the transmission rate of the link between hosts A and B is 8 Mbps and the end-to-end delay is 3 msec. Neglect the header overhead. a) Sketch the sequence of segment exchanges. For those segments transmitted from
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Unformatted text preview: A to B, indicate the value of SN. For those segments transmitted from B to A, indicate the value of ACK. b) What is the transmission delay of one segment? c) How long will it take for host A to send the file to B until the last ACK segment is received? 3. Consider a reliable data transfer protocol that uses only negative acknowledgments (NAK). It means that a control message is sent from the receiving host to the sending host when error in a receiving packet is detected. a) Suppose the sender sends data only infrequently. Would a NAK-only protocol be preferable to a protocol that uses ACKs? Why? b) Now suppose the sender has a lot of data to send and the end-to-end connection experiences few losses. In this case, would a NAK-only protocol be preferable to a protocol that uses ACKs? Why?...
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