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Common Word Initiative notes - -Religious convictions can...

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Common Word Initiative: Joseph Lumbard Lecture notes Christian & Islamic Faiths - Unity & necessity of God - Love for the neighbor Importance in dialogue and cooperation btw/ Christians and Islam Fair, just, and kind to each other Not cause hatred btw/ each other Common word - Asked both communities to have inter-faith dialogue - Not a matter of choice but a responsibility Peace efforts require knowledge - Constant and unjust information which circulates in the West Christian response to common word - Peaceful relations btw/ Islam and Christians stand as a challenge in this century Religious violence suggests an underlying religious insecurity - Divine does not need protection - Break current cycle of violence - Faith alone can break this
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Unformatted text preview: -Religious convictions can help create peace in areas needed Europe is a “Christian Continent” Common moral and ethical ground- avoid daying Common word characteristics:-Grounding in scripture-Don’t yield fundamental principles-Participation and interaction of religious in the highest rank Common word compared to other interfaith activities: what to not do Religions cannot come together on common ground/religious word Does not deviate one iota of principles Consist of obtaining “equal peace” What one should do.-Should find similarities when interacting w/ each other-Interfaith endeavor is a response to terrorism, bigotry, and extremism...
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Common Word Initiative notes - -Religious convictions can...

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