2008-13-159-160 - Systematic & Applied Acarology (2008) 13,...

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Systematic & Applied Acarology (2008) 13, 159–160 159 © 2005 Systematic & Applied Acarology Society ISSN 1362-1971 EDITORIAL An observation on the consequences of increased frequency of journal issues ZHI-QIANG ZHANG Landcare Research, P.B. 92170, Auckland, New Zealand. E-mail: ZhangZ@landcareresearch. .co.nz Systematic & Applied Acarology (SAA) was founded in 1996 and was published annually during the first ten years (1996–2005). In the last two years, the frequency of publication was increased to semi- annual in 2006 and quarterly in 2007 to reduce the publication lag so that accepted papers can be published more rapidly. Herein I will summarize the effect of such increased frequency on the number and type of papers published, the number and distributions of authors and the number of new mite taxa published in SAA over the last two years, in comparison with the pattern in 1996–2005 as summarized in Zhang (2005). Number and type of papers With the increase in frequency, the total number of pages were also increased and, on average, 251 pages were published per year during 2006–2007 (c.f. 202 pages per year during 1996–2005).
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2008-13-159-160 - Systematic & Applied Acarology (2008) 13,...

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