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S O I L O R G A N I S M S Volume 82 (3) 2010 ISSN: 1864 - 6417 Ten new species in genera Hypoaspis (s.lat.) Canestrini , 1884, Dendrolaelaps (s.lat.) Halbert, 1915, and Ameroseius Berlese, 1903 (Acari: Gamasina) from Finland Veikko Huhta 1 2 1 Dept. of Biological and Environmental Science, P.O.Box 35, 40100 University of Jyväskylä, Finland e-mail: v.huhta@pp.inet.± 2 Hohe Kiefer 152, 14532 Kleinmachnow, Germany Abstract This paper reports ten new species and one new status of Parasitiformes: Gamasina, found in Finland. The described species are: Hypoaspis ( Alloparasitus ) pratensis n. sp., Hypoaspis ( Cosmolaelaps ) michaeli n. sp., Hypoaspis ( Pneumolaelaps ) saana n. sp., Hypoaspis ( Pneumolaelaps ) collina n. sp., Androlaelaps myrmecophila (Evans & Till, 1966) new status, Punctodendrolaelaps formicarius n. sp., Multidendrolaelaps putte n. sp., Multidendrolaelaps subcorticalis n. sp., Dendrolaelaps casualis n. sp., Ameroseius lehtineni n. sp. and Sinoseius pinnatus n. sp. Sinoseius Bai et al., 1995, is accepted as a separate genus, including the species S. pinnatus n. sp. and S. lobatus Bai et al., 1995. Identi±cation keys are presented to clarify the taxonomic position of the new species in relation to the previously known species. Key words: Parasitiformes, Gamasina, systematics, Scandinavian soil mites 1. Introduction Taxonomy, faunistics and ecology of soil-living Parasitiformes have been studied by few researchers in Finland. Virtually all published data originate from certain ecological experiments, mainly carried out in forest habitats (Huhta et al. 1979, 1986, 2005; Huhta, 1996). Lehtinen (1987) studied the mesostigmatid fauna of ant nests, but covering only Uropodina, Zerconidae and a few minor groups. The Finnish ‘PUTTE-Project’ (Research Program of De±ciently Known and Threatened Forest Species), supported by the Ministry of Environment in 2003–2007 (Juslén et al., 2008), rendered possible a comprehensive basic analysis of the soil fauna (Acarina, Collembola and Enchytraeidae) of Finland. In the possession of the Zoological Museum of Turku University there is a wide collection of Mesostigmata, mainly collected by Dr. Pekka T. Lehtinen in the early 1980’s. Since then, the material has been waiting for identi±cation, which became possible in the framework of the above mentioned program. Uropodina and Zerconidae from the same material were identi±ed to species by P.T. Lehtinen and deposited at the museum, but, with the exception of the ant-nest communities, the data have not been published. pp. 325–349
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326 This paper reports the new species of Gamasina found in the Finnish material, except Zerconidae and Phytoseiidae. The new species belong to different subgroups: ±ve species belong to Eviphidides: Dermanyssoidea, two species to Eviphidides: Phytoseioidea, and four species to Eugamasides: Rhodacaroidea. Identi±cation keys are given to clarify the taxonomic position of the new species among the previously known species. 2. Material and methods
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05-_artikel_huhta - SOIL ORGANISMS Volume 82 (3) 2010 pp....

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