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2nd Formal Report Rubric-1

2nd Formal Report Rubric-1 - Calculations are complete and...

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Formal lab report 2  Abstract (4 points): ___ The overall goal is stated correctly, succinctly, and in the student’s own words.  ___ The general approach to the experiment is described.  ___ The important results are briefly summarized.   Introduction (6 points): ___ What experiment is being performed?   ___ Why is the experiment being performed?  Ex, titration. ___What will the data show?  ___ The section describes the theoretical basis by which the method is suitable for attaining the goals of the  experiment.   Methods (4 points): ___ The important aspects of the experimental method are presented.   ___ The relevant equipment and techniques are described.   ___ The laboratory manual is cited as a reference when necessary. Results (6 points): ___ All relevant data and results are presented (as a plot and table) and clearly labeled (units etc).
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Unformatted text preview: ___ Calculations are complete and correct, and are connected to the method, theory, and goals of the experiment Discussion and Conclusions (6 points): ___ Results are thoroughly compared with purpose, expectations or theoretical calculations ___ Relevant discrepancies and errors are explained. ___ Each error mentioned includes a discussion about the effect on the final values. ___The report demonstrates an understanding of the chemistry and purpose of the experiment. ___Future improvements are proposed. Organization, Quality of Writing, Grammar, etc. (6 points) ___Graphs, plots, and data is incorporated into the text and logically organized. ___ Report is well-written and cohesive ___ Report does not have spelling and grammatical errors. ___ good connection....
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