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Syllabus F10 - Stem Cells: Science and Society IB 98/198...

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Stem Cells: Science and Society IB 98/198 Fall 2010 Student facilitators: Alexandra Race ([email protected] ) Miguel Linares ([email protected] ) Kevin Zhao ( [email protected] ) Bonnie Yen ([email protected] ) Ariella Coler-Reilly ([email protected] ) Devi Santhosh ([email protected] ) Kevin Hahn ( [email protected] ) Faculty sponsor: Professor Daniela Kaufer ([email protected]) Lecture: Monday 6-7pm, 101 Moffit Discussion sections: TBA Office Hours: 7-8pm 101 Moffit Grading: Pass/No Pass Units: 2 Course website: Course email: [email protected] Course Description: Many believe the cures to most diseases lie in stem cell research, while others fear its repercussions will irreversibly and negatively alter our social conscience for life. This class takes you on a journey inside the stem cell revolution, where scientists, policy-makers, and philosophers will challenge you to think about the social, political, and even spiritual implications of this uncharted scientific frontier and formulate your own position on stem cell research. As a result of this course, you will have a basic understanding of the science behind stem cell research, its applications and potential, and its social implications. We hope you will have enough knowledge on this subject to be able to, after your completion of this course, understand and participate in stem cell activities on campus and be informed about the political stances surrounding this developing field. The format of this course includes weekly, hour-long presentations on a variety of stem-cell-related topics by guest lecturers and facilitators. Also, hour-long class discussions will be held weekly to review the lectures, creatively instruct you about the basics of stem cell research, and converse about current developments in this field. Pertinent weekly readings will be assigned.
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Tentative course schedule: Week 1(9/13): Course overview, procedure for enrolling in discussion sections Week 2(9/20): Stem cell basics (Head facilitator lecture)
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Syllabus F10 - Stem Cells: Science and Society IB 98/198...

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