Vegetarianism%2BHW5+Final-2 - NST 10: INTRODUCTION TO HUMAN...

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Unformatted text preview: NST 10: INTRODUCTION TO HUMAN NUTRITION UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY SPRING 2011 ASSIGNMENT: PROTEIN AND VEGETARIANISM Name:__________________________________________________ #:________________ Due: In section the week of March 7th. Section Instructions: Follow a vegetarian diet for a day. Write down everything you ate and record it in iProfile. Compare this to one ‘normal’ day from your first homework assignment. (If you are usually a vegetarian, follow a vegan diet. If you are generally vegan, compare your diet to a non-vegan friend’s diet). Attach a copy of your vegetarian diet “Intake Spreadsheet” and “Intake compared to DRI” report. Answer the following questions (1 point each): 1. What type of vegetarian diet did you follow? Fill in the table below Vegetarian Diet Total grams of protein Main Sources of protein Normal Diet Total grams of Iron Main sources of Iron Calculate your recommended daily protein intake based on your body weight (the RDA for protein for adults is 0.8g/kg body weight). How did your intake on each of these diets compare to this RDA? 2. What food provided the most protein in your vegetarian diet? Calculate the %RDA of protein that this food provided. 3. When following the vegetarian diet, did you fail to meet the RDA/DRI for any micronutrients? What specifically could you do to increase intake of these nutrients? 4. Which nutrients differed the most between the two diets? Does this seem to be result of the diets? 5. What were some of the difficulties of following the vegetarian or vegan diet? Do you plan to continue this diet? Why or why not? ...
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Vegetarianism%2BHW5+Final-2 - NST 10: INTRODUCTION TO HUMAN...

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