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1 Anthro 2AC Reading: Ashmore Chap 4 10/15/10 VI. RESEARCH DESIGN 3. Reasons for Research Design (n=4) C. Public Outreach – Outline Contributions to Public Community Partnering; How Contribute to Key Stakeholders; How Disseminate Information? D. Insurance Policy– Limited Time and Funds; Decisions About Field Methods; Collect Proper Samples to Evaluate Research Questions 4. Flexibility – Never Know What you will Find in the Field; Continually Making Field/Lab Decisions 5. Stages of the Research Design A. Formulation; Background Research: Libraries (UCB Anthro Library, Bancroft); On-Line Resources; Information Centers in Calif. (SHPO)
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Unformatted text preview: Gray Literature (CRM) – Unpublished Reports, Site Records, USGS Map – Site Locations Site Numbers – Trinomial (CA-ALA-309) B. Implementation; i. Research Team (field crew, spets, collaborators, such tribal scholars) ii. Budget: Field Work, Laboratory (in-house, outsource), Write-up (writing, graphics, publication) iii. Funding Sources (North American Arch), CRM Request for Proposal (RFP), Scope of Work, bidding process for contracts; Federal or State Grants: National Science Foundation (NSF), NEH Private Sector: Granting Agencies; Donors...
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10-15-10-2.Out - Gray Literature (CRM) – Unpublished...

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