wednesday'snotes - 11/10/2010 -Professor George Bentley:...

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11/10/2010 -Professor George Bentley: -Tuesday: 4138 VLSB -Brains: We’ll talk about how neurons work and how they work together to generate complex behaviors -white crowned sparrows: migrate from Alaska to California, engage in complex navigational behaviors -white crowned sparrows learn vocalization (songs); similar to the way humans learn speech -Bentley studies the Thalamus – controls homeostasis -ontogeny: the development and change over an individual’s lifetime -beginning and cessation of behaviors -nature vs. nurture; genes vs. environment – which influences an animal’s development? -an interaction of both influence behavior - nature vs. nurture controversy: debate between early ethologists and comparative psychologists – reflected ongoing “nativism: an animal is born with all their perceptual functions that have to be used” -empiricists argued that perception had to be learned and adapted to - early experiments in the 1940’s: involved raising chimps in total darkness -chimps could recognize a bottle with their fingers (tactile), but couldn’t recognize a visual image of the bottle
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wednesday'snotes - 11/10/2010 -Professor George Bentley:...

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