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Summer Undergraduate Research Program Faculty Project Proposal Submission Project Submission deadline:   January 25, 2011 Faculty Name: Li-Wei Hung Email: [email protected] Phone Number: 486-7688 Department/Organization Affiliation: Physical Biosciences Division, LBNL Preferred Method of Contact: email ( [email protected] , 486-7688) Project Name(s): High-throughput Protein Crystallography General Topic (Keywords): biochemistry, crystallization, computational structural biology, programming Project Description(s): Our lab is focused on technology development for high- throughput X-ray Crystallography. We also have projects in computational structural biology. Summer students will gain hands-on experience in data mining, protein
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Unformatted text preview: crystallization, protein crystal imaging and scoring, and synchrotron X-ray diffraction experiment. If interested, opportunities will be provided for suitable students to apply their programming skills, and/or to learn protein overexpression and purification (e.g. PCR, gel electrophoresis, cell growth, Western blot or dot blot analysis, UV, FPLC and etc.). Desired Skills or Experience: Students major in biosciences, physical science and/or engineering are welcome to apply. Previous relevant bench work experience is desirable but not required. Time Commitment: Full time during summer. Continuation in Fall semester with research credits will be possible. Preferred Starting Date: Flexible...
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