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NST 10 Spring 2011 S.E. Fleming, Professor Nutrition and Physical Activity (4/13/11) Be able to define, and know the importance of, the following words and phrases: Aerobic metabolism Anaerobic metabolism Creatine phosphate Glycogen Hypertrophy Physical activity Physical Fitness 1. What is the difference between physical activity and physical fitness? How are they inter-related? 2. Describe the benefits and risks of physical activity. 3. How can risks be reduced? How can benefits be realized? 4. You learned in class that 70% of the US population gets either too little or no physical activity. Name 10 factors that, if they could be changed, would result in persons
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Unformatted text preview: getting adequate physical activity on a weekly basis. 5. What is creatine phosphate? Where is it found? What can it be used for? 6. What is glycogen? Where is it found? What can it be used for? 7. What is triglyceride? Where is it found? What can it be used for? 8. What are the similarities and difference between aerobic metabolism and anaerobic metabolism? 9. Is it necessary for athletes to consume high-protein drinks, foods or snacks daily? Multivitamins/multimineral supplements? Why, why not. 10. Why must fluid intake be increased with exercise? What are the consequences of not increasing fluid intake? Page 1 of 1...
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