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Physics 1240 Website: Homelab 1 Physics 1240 Spring 2011 Due: Thursday, Feb 8 in class Click on the software link on our web site to download Raven Lite software and install it. Read the Quick Start Guide and User's Guide that come with Raven Lite . Open and play back some of the example sounds. Look at both the waveform and the spectrogram views of a few of these sounds. Play with the "spectrogram sharpness" control and read about what it does in the User's Guide. This control will be very important whenever you want to measure a frequency accurately. Part 1: Study three sounds with Raven Lite . Record your activities on the form provided. Sound 1: Find some object that makes a brief sound when you strike it with the side of a pencil, but that does not produce a definite musical note. Record the sound with Raven Lite , and look at the results in time domain (waveform view) and in the spectrogram view. Zoom in on the waveform view so you can see the individual vibrations in the sound. Measure the duration of
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slides - Physics 1240 Website...

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