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Physics 1240 Website: http://physics.colorado.edu/phys1240 1 Homelab 2 Physics 1240 Spring 2011 Due: Thursday, March 17 in class In this homelab you will use Raven Lite to explore digital filtering. Step 1 Review the sound editing capabilities of Raven Lite in the Raven Lite User's Guide, and play with them until you understand how they work. Pay special attention to the filtering buttons that can be used to filter out the sound in a specified time and frequency region. If you have trouble using the editing features, make sure you are working on a sound file that is saved on your hard disk. The sound editing features do not work on files that have only been recorded to memory. The filtering buttons can be pressed more than once in a particular time and frequency region. Each time you press the button, more sound is removed. The editing features can all be undone in the reverse order in which they were done, but only to 10 levels. It is a good idea to save a copy of your file regularly in case you want to undo more than 10 changes. Step 2
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