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Steven Delaney Cummings Response 2-15-2011 In this article Cummings discusses genetically modified organisms and their background as well as ethical issues. She seems to think genetic modification is a type of trespassing on nature in the fact that the organism itself is not willing and accepting to the modification. There are many questions brought up by people regarding these types of foods. People seem to not want their food modified, even if they cannot tell the difference in many cases. Cummings begins the article speaking of genetic engineering and its role in modifying organisms, namely food. Everyone seems to eat genetically modified food on a regular basis, but how modified actually is it? Cummings looks at genes and DNA as fairly new technology in the scheme of things, and how new genetic modification truly is. Cummings then discusses why there seems to be no monitoring or safety studies about genetically modified food. That is the policy drawn up and agreed
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