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Steven Delaney January 18, 2011 Jonas Response Jonas discusses the incompatibility of traditional ethics with modern day ethical problems, relating to our evolved society and technology. With the changes in society relating to technology, older style ethics seem lacking. Technology has allowed for far more damage to people and environment while also providing greater benefits to society and people in general. Jonas starts by discussing traditional ethics themselves, while hinting at their lack of current worth. He tells of their importance in a general sense, that they are all beneficial when looking at human interaction. However when we add in the big scale of corporations making decisions on a scale that has larger effects, more needs to be accounted for. Jonas talks about our effect on the future as technology has such a large effect in its current state.
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Unformatted text preview: This is something that didn't have to be looked at ethically when the choices made never had such a large effect on the future. He discusses the fact that the future has no representation, which is why it is so important for companies to act ethically on their own, since as it stands the future can be dependent on decisions made, but there are few rules protecting it. Jonas tries to argue that the main traditional ethics are lacking when dealing with the current technology. This is due to many pressing issues, mainly that of the difference in effect people had on themselves and their environment in the past compared to now. In order to preserve our future so that generations later can flourish, corportations as well as people need to focus on ethical questions regarding how what they are doing may effect the future....
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