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Steven Delaney 2-10-2011 Sandel Response Sandel discusses major ethical issues involving genetic engineering in its relation to human genetic enhancement. This ranges from allowing athletes to improve their performance to choosing your child’s sex before birth. This raises many ethical questions due to fairness, rights, and due to the fact that you are altering genes. There are many benefits to these sorts of technology, but when viewing them ethically, or in specific settings, they seem to be at a line some people may not be willing to cross. Sandel first talks about the ethical issues surrounding cloning, in that it may voilate the right to autonomy. This is due to forcing the clone into a closed path since gender is obviously copied as well as other things. Gene therapy along with genetic enhancement seem to face another issue as well however. While gene therapy is beneficial to those that need it, the problem arises when those who don't need it use it to push themselves above the norm. Sandel relates this to cosmetic surgery, where it is sometimes needed for burn victims and the like, but also used for selfish purposes in many other
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sandel_response - Steven Delaney Sandel Response Sandel...

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