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2005 Fund-Raising Survey Experiences of Texas Companies Seeking Capital Compiled by: Center for New Ventures and Entrepreneurship Mays Business School Texas A&M University College Station, Texas Released: December 30, 2005
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©2006 CNVE - Mays Business School - Texas A&M University. All Rights Reserved i May’s Business School’s Center for New Ventures and Entrepreneurship (the “Center”) is pleased to present the results of its first annual Fund-Raising Survey. Many surveys have been prepared analyzing the investing climate from the investor’s perspective. This survey takes the entrepreneur’s point of view and catalogs the experiences of companies that attempted to raise capital during 2004. A key part of the Center’s mission is providing education and assistance to entrepreneurs. This survey is one way in which we fulfill that mission. The Fund-Raising Survey is intended to provide the leaders of young companies with information they can use during their pursuit of capital. The researchers asked participants in the Survey about their experiences raising capital from all sources. Our interviewers talked to representatives of companies that had successfully raised a round of capital as well as those that had abandoned their efforts. We cataloged key attributes about each company and round of capital. This report is a compilation of the participant’s’ experiences. This is the first year for our survey. Accordingly, this report is similar to a snapshot of the fund raising environment. In future years, the series of annual snapshots will be assembled into a “movie” that will help us identify trends. This survey is the result of a team effort. First and foremost, we appreciate the cooperation of the survey participants. The 80 companies responding were very open with our team and considerate of our numerous questions. To maintain confidentiality, we cannot list our participants here—you each know who you are, and we thank you. We also appreciate the support of organizations that make a real difference for entrepreneurs in our state. In particular, we thank the Houston Technology Center, the North Texas Enterprise Center for Medical Technology, and the North Texas Investor Group for sharing their contacts at start-up companies across the state. Finally, the Center thanks the three people who led the survey effort. One of our active volunteers, James Lancaster, CEO of TotalChart, Inc., developed the survey concept and helped guide the project. Two Texas A&M MBA candidates, Jonathan Jones and Santiago Cornejo, conducted the survey and did a great job of compiling the data. Finally, Neos Marketing prepared the final document for publication with the assistance of Editorial Resources. The Center sincerely appreciates the support of all of these individuals and organizations.
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2005_CNVE_Fund_Raising_Survey - 2005 Fund-Raising Survey...

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