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Summary Kitozyme KitoZyme is a manufacturer of biopolymers dedicated to four strategic markets: nutraceuticals, cosmetics, beverage, pharmaceuticals and medical. More precisely, KitoZyme develops and produces in Liège in Belgium chitosan and chitin-glucan as well as all their derivatives, exclusively extracted from renewable, non-GMO vegetal sources. Food Applications KitoZyme is responding to the current market demand for potent vegetal ingredients, by offering its KiOnutrime ® range which is the result for KitoZyme’s commitment to provide its valued customers with innovative ingredients that responds to the most severe criteria in terms of quality and performance: KiOnutrime-Cs ® , the first and only chitosan of vegetal origin for weight and cholesterol management; KiOnutrime-CG ® (chitin-glucan), an innovative patented ingredient for managing oxidative stress as well as cardiovascular and digestive wellness.
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Unformatted text preview: Medical Applications KiOmedine - KitoZyme's chitosan biopolymers are high-added value medical-grade products. Studies show that there is real interest within the medical industry for biopolymers of the type offered by KitoZyme. They are well known and favoured in practical applications for their versatility and wide array of properties. This is particularly true of chitosan. Its properties pave the way for a multitude of applications. For instance the tissue engineering (cartilage substitutes, bone substitutes, skin reconstruction,) is one of the most promising fields of interest. In fact, Kitozyme is doing biopolymers scaffolds for cells that promote the growth of cells and help reconstruct different types of tissues or even part of organs. Contact Website : Person : Augustin Claes Cell : 832.274.3687...
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