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Technology Commercialization - Report draft

Technology Commercialization - Report draft - Diabetes...

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Diabetes Information Kiosk Report 3/8/2011 Team Members: Ravikumar Manavalan Jen-Kuan Ting Reuben Sequeira
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Technology Description The Diabetes Information Kiosk (or) Diosk is an interactive multimedia computer program that helps educate patients on diabetes and how to manage the disease. The program is available both in a kiosk setting and online. The carefully formulated curriculum for the diabetes program combines text with images, audio and video which is set in English and Spanish languages. Upon a consented request, the patient can create an account that can help track their learning and set goals over time. The components of the program range from diabetes education to learning how to measure your blood sugar to making healthy diet choices and more. The current kiosk setting consists of a desktop computer with a keyboard, mouse, headphones and a printer attached. The printing feature is offered for certain components like printing recipes and goals. The application and diosk.org were developed using Java Run time and Apache Tomcat web server. There are several modules within the technology that provide information to diabetes patients: What is Diabetes?
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