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IPA Procedures Fall10 - IPA Instructions The Intermediate...

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The Intermediate Performance Assessment (IPA) is an exam designed to evaluate the extent to which certification programs are successful in preparing students to meet Temple’s six teaching standards and to ensure that students are adequately prepared for their student teaching. These directions will detail our expectations for the IPA. The IPA has two parts. The first part is a lesson plan(s) for 45-120 minutes of class time. Although the lesson plan is necessary for the IPA, the assessment will be based primarily on the second part of the IPA: a series of paragraphs that explain both your understanding of each of the standards and why it is important as well as how your lesson(s) enacts each standard. Please note: If you plan to teach in a context in which 45 minutes is an unreasonably long time to expect attention from students, you can break your lesson up into smaller segments that could be taught over several days. You should also be aware that when we indicate how long some aspect of the IPA should be, we’re giving you an idea of our expectations rather than providing an absolute standard. The Lesson Plan You should select a lesson or series of lessons that demonstrates that you meet all six Temple teaching standards. You can choose to do your IPA on a lesson you actually taught, but you don’t have to do so. If you do use a lesson you actually taught, you can use what you learned from teaching it when you write about how your lesson enacts the standards. First a definitional note: By lesson we mean a segment of instruction designed to achieve a specified goal or goals. What that definition means is that lessons don’t equal a class period or a block (though they could). They might be half a block or two periods; it depends on the objectives and the context. Of course, if your lesson runs more than a period, you need to be mindful of stopping at an appropriate end point. If it runs less than a period, you have to be mindful of how you’ll use the remaining instructional time. Series of Paragraphs Although it’s important to submit a lesson plan that represents your very best work, we want to stress that your IPA score will be based primarily on the series of paragraphs you submit, one on each of the six standards. We expect that each paragraph will be somewhere between one-half to one single-spaced page. In each paragraph you should explain what the standard means distinguish the meaning of the standard from related ideas that one might improperly confuse with the standard make clear what is important about the standard for student learning and most importantly, detail what you did in the lesson plan to address the standard and justify how those instructional decisions will be effective in achieving the standard. Fall 2010
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IPA Procedures Fall10 - IPA Instructions The Intermediate...

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