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Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology in Education (CITE) Fall 2010 En ED-E 3297 (102): Teaching Integrated Language, Reading, and Writing Tuesday and Thursday 5:00-7:30 PM Instructor: Mrs. Janine C. Warnas Classroom: Cottage Hall 3 Office: West Hall 106 6 Semester Hours Telephone: 267.468.8200 Email: Office Hours: Fall 2010 Tuesday/Thursday 7:30 p.m. or daytime by appointment Texts: 1. Tompkins, Gail E. Literacy for the 21 st Century , 5 th Ed., Merrill, 2010. 2. Heilman, Arthur W. Phonics in Proper Prospective, 10 th Edition, Merrill, 2006. 3. Other readings may be distributed in class. Prerequisite: Admission into the PA Teacher Certification Program Co-Requisite: Enrollment in school-based practicum course Course Description: This course will address theories and practices related to the language and literacy acquisition of children. Emphasis will be in areas of listening, language, reading, and writing as interrelated and integrated processes. Instructional methods for implementing a balanced literacy program will be highlighted. Course Objectives: To demonstrate knowledge of reading and writing processes and instruction. To support reading and writing instruction for all students (including those from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds) using a wide range of instructional approaches, practices, methods, and curriculum materials To improve one’s own proficiency level for working with children in basic areas as spelling, handwriting, oral and written language and the effective modeling of oral language, for the purpose of being a good communication model. To develop an awareness of strategies and instruments for informal and formal literacy assessment. To view professional development as a career long effort and responsibility. 1
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Course Requirements: Oral contributions to class discussions based upon text, journal reading, and experiences with children in the 230 practicum. Presentation of activity to class and report (1-2 pages) from Idea Journal.
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syllbs EngEd 3297_f_10jw - Department of Curriculum,...

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