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Observation of Practicum Colleague Your Name:  _______________________________________________________Date:_____________ Colleague’s Name:__________________________________________ Date  Observed:____________ Grade Level: _____Subject:_________________________ These are not yes/no questions. Be sure to give specific answers with illustrative   examples. I. Establishing and maintaining consistent standards of classroom behavior.  1. Are consistent standards of classroom behavior evident? What were the  standards and how were they established? Do established standards of behavior  convey a sense of respect for the students? 2. How are standards maintained?  3. Does the teacher model respectful and appropriate standards of behavior?  4. How does the teacher respond to minor/serious behavior problems? Are  responses appropriate and consistent? II.
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This note was uploaded on 05/01/2011 for the course ELEMENTARY 3387 taught by Professor Maryellengoldfarb during the Spring '11 term at Temple.

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Observation of Practicum Colleague(1) -...

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