Two-in-One Form (1 & 4)

Two-in-One Form (1 & 4) - TWOINONEFORM

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TWO-IN-ONE FORM Observation Form 1: Classroom Observation of Cooperating Teacher        ALSO Observation Form 4: Alternate Class Observation Your Name: __________________________________Indicate Form: ______________     Date: _______ Name, Grade level, Subject of Teacher Observed: _____________________________________________   Criterion: Establishing and maintaining consistent standards of classroom behavior 1. What does the teacher do to establish and maintain rapport with the students?           Inference—What do you think about the method/effectiveness?     2. What does the teacher do to establish and maintain consistent standards of classroom behavior?           Inference—What do you think about the method/effectiveness?      3. What does the teacher do to maintain a climate of fairness?           Inference—What do you think about the method/effectiveness?      4. Does the teacher use positive reinforcement? Negative?
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Two-in-One Form (1 & 4) - TWOINONEFORM

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