syllabus sped 3312 section 101 spring 2011

syllabus sped 3312 section 101 spring 2011 - Special...

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Special Education 3312: Section 101 Curriculum/methods for Teaching Students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities Spring 2011 – Mondays evenings and on line COURSE SYLLABUS SPED 3312 Instructor Julie Kessler, Ph.D., M.Ed., BS.Ed Office Widener Hall 2 nd floor faculty Offices Phone CITE Phone # 215-204-6038 (IOD) Phone # 215-204-1977 E-mail [email protected] Office hours Any time before or after class on Mondays and as needed Classroom Learning Center Room 208 Mondays 5:00PM to 7:30PM Meeting Times LC 208 Mondays 5:00PM to 7:30PM Mailbox Located in Faculty Offices 2 nd floor Widener Hall When you contact me by email, it is reasonable to expect that I will reply as soon as possible, generally within 48 hours of receiving your message during weekdays. Email is the best way to contact me as I check it on a frequent basis. Special Education Certification Program Guidelines as Outlined by The Pennsylvania Department of Education The fundamental purpose of a teacher preparation program approved by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is to admit, prepare and support candidates for the teaching profession who, upon graduation, have the knowledge and skills to enable PK-12 students in Pennsylvania to achieve academic success. Pennsylvania’s preparation of new teachers links instructional decision-making to a standards-based instructional system. In addition, the Pennsylvania Department of Education is committed to the preparation of new teachers including core elements: 1.) Federal/State approved standards, 2.) curriculum instruction, 3.) materials and resources for instruction, 4.) focus on unbiased and appropriate use of assessments, and 5.) appropriate interventions. Targeted Competencies For This Course E. Individual Learning Differences
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Candidates will be able to: • Identify and demonstrate an understanding of learning differences and reflect these differences in Individual Education Plans. • Apply characteristics associated with specific areas of disability and their impact on learning. • Identify present educational levels of academic and functional educational performance based on formative assessment and student performance. • Determine evidence-based interventions that meet students’ needs, based on formative assessment, developmental and educational information. • Identify and differentiate learner differences within each disability category based on a student’s level of functioning rather than classification. • Identify and implement a level of appropriate support based on individual differences and identify providers or methods of providing necessary supports. G. Instructional Strategies Candidates will be able to: • Identify and use specialized resources in order to implement specially designed instruction for individuals with disabilities. • Recommend and use evidence-based practices validated for specific characteristics of learners and
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syllabus sped 3312 section 101 spring 2011 - Special...

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