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ABSTRACT - procedure of the experiment are mentioned...

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ABSTRACT The purpose of the experiment of Aqueous Two Phase System (ATPS) is to gain knowledge about the liquid-liquid equilibrium data for the system which includes PEG 4000, potassium phosphate and water. Besides this, significance of ATPS in extraction of biological materials is understood clearly. In the report, firstly general information about the ATPS and its usage areas are given in the introduction part. In addition, in the experimental method part, two instruments refractometer and conductivimeter that are used while performing the experiment are explained. Also, chemicals of the experiment, PEG 4000 and potassium phosphate, and the
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Unformatted text preview: procedure of the experiment are mentioned. Afterwards, with the usage of the data that is collected in the laboratory the calculations are done step by step. The PEG and potassium phosphate calibration curves are plotted. The phase diagram is drawn and tie-line is represented between the nodes on it. According to tie-line located, the volume ratios of the two phases are found. Moreover, in the discussion part of the report, comparisons of the theoretical and experimental values are done and the experiment results are discussed in detail....
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