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5. CONCLUSION The objective of Aqueous Two Phase System experiment is to understand the concept of partitioning two immiscible liquid phases, one aqueous phase and one organic phase, and the importance of this system in biological applications. It is obviously understood that ATPS has a significant role especially in recovery of protein. While performing the experiment, so many alternatives are tried to obtain one phase at the beginning and the data
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Unformatted text preview: is collected from the samples of PEG 4000 and potassium phosphate in order to plot calibration curves. For this purpose, the usage of refractometer and conductivimeter are learned. While doing the calculations, it is experienced that how to plot calibration curve, binodal curve and how to locate tie line on it. To conclude, with the ATPS experiment, partitioning of two immiscible liquids is successfully observed. 12...
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