Tek - 1.INTRODUCTION Liquidliquid extraction is used in...

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1.INTRODUCTION Liquid–liquid extraction is used in many processes in chemical engineering to separate one or more of the components of an immiscible liquid mixture. Some usage areas of this extraction are petroleum refineries, protein recovery processes and antibiotics. An aqueous two phase system is an aqueous, liquid – liquid, biphasic system which is obtained by mixing of aqueous solution of two polymers or a polymer and a salt. If it is composed of two water soluble polymers, commonly PEG-dextran, PEG- starch or PEG-polyvinylalcohol are chosen; otherwise, polymer-salt combinations like PEG-phosphate or PEG-sulphate are preferred. The partitioning occurs according to their molecular, transport and thermodynamic properties. ATPS is generally preferred in biochemical applications especially for recovery of proteins. Because of the fact that they have 3-Dimensional structures, they are unstable in organic solvents. Polymer-salt type, molecular weight, concentration, pH, temperature, ionic strength and properties of the biochemical molecule have significant role in separation of biological materials such as genetic material, nanoparticles, cells and cell organelles between the aqueous systems. Since two of the phases include too much water and have low interfacial
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Tek - 1.INTRODUCTION Liquidliquid extraction is used in...

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