experimental procedure 3 - EXPER I MENTAL MET HODS During...

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Unformatted text preview: EXPER I MENTAL MET HODS During the experiment;firstly we have to obey safety rules. We should wear our lab coat, goggle, gloves and also we should obey the other lab safety rules. It is important that we would know the properties of materials which we will use in experiments.We can find them in according to material safety data sheets.In this experiment we will use methyl acetate, hydrogen chloride,sodium hydroxide. According to MSDS;methyl acetate is flammable and may couse eye irritation and negative effect on breathing system;hydrogen chloride, which can couse serious skin burns when it drops on our body, sodium hydroxide, .It is also imprortant to know that methyl acetate has a boiling point at 57.4C, so we should maket his experiment under this temperature.And we choose 4 temperatures under this temperature....
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