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5. CONCLUSION This experiment was conducted for observing the pressure drop along the pipe and then relating it to the flow rate. For this purpose some devices called flowmeters were used and their calibration was held. Obtained orifice meter and nozzle meter coefficients were perfectly mathed with the theoretical ones demonstrating the accuracy of the experiment. For the pitot tube, firstly the maximum velocity was calculated assuming the coefficient of 1 and after obtaining the velocity theoretically, it was observed the significant difference between the values pitot tube coefficient was tabulated. The readings on the rotameter were proven to be directly related to the flow rate after the plot of the flow rate versus rotameter readings graph. The slope and the intercept of the calibration curves indicate the constant and the coefficient of the equation relating the manometer height and the flow rate.
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Unformatted text preview: Theoretically the slope should be around 0.5 which is the case for this experiment. These plots showed that the most accurate flowmeter with the highest coefficient was nozzle meter. Some reasons for that together with the advantages and disadvantages of using one or the other flowmeter were discussed in DISCUSSION part. Since the Reynolds Numbers indicated that the flow was turbulent during nearly the whole experiment, the correction factor set to 1 was a good assumption. Morover the inconsistency with the theoretical and experimental friction factors indicated the high relative roughness of the pipe and probale reading errors. Finally it should be stated that the obtained experimental values were in most parts really consistent with the theoretical ones whereas in some parts there were considerable deviations due to the factors previously stated....
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