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MAR Memory MDR PC Register File IR Control Unit Z x Kuwait University College for Women Department of Information Science ISC 363 Computer Organization (Term 102) Professor Mostafa Abd-El-Barr Assignment #3 Due Date: Tuesday April 5, 2011 (In class @ 9:00 AM + on the Blackboard on or before 9:300 AM) 1. Consider a computer that has a main memory whose size is 64 GByte. Assume that the word size in that computer is 128 bits. Compute the size of the computer memory in terms of the number of words. Compute also the number of bits in each of the MAR and the MDR registers. 2. Consider the following figure that shows a single-bus organization of a computer. X You are required to list the steps needed to execute the following two machine
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Unformatted text preview: instructions (a) ADD 1 2 2 1 ; , , R R R R R R   (b) ADD A, B, C ; ] [ ] [ ] [ B M A M C M   Assume that the address of a given instruction is initially stored in the register PC . 3. Give a short sequence of machine instructions for the task “Add the contents of memory location A to those of memory location B and place the results in memory location C". Assume that accessing the memory can only be made through the following Two instructions: LOAD LOC, i R and STORE i R , LOC. The first insruction moves the contents of memory location (LOC) to the general purpose register ( i R ) while the second instruction stores the contents of the general purpose register ( i R ) into the memory location (LOC)....
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