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Computer Purchase Scorecard

Computer Purchase Scorecard - 2 Formula entered to...

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Homework #2 Scorecard Class: BUS 220.03 Professor: Dr. Calvo Notes: Solution File(s): Computer Purchase.xls Description Pts Your Score Title entered, formatted in bold, italic14-point Arial; centered and merged; yellow background applied 2 Worksheet created with component listed separately; "Included" entered for component included in base price 2 Numbers formatted in Comma Style with dollar signs at the left of the cells in the first row
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Unformatted text preview: 2 Formula entered to calculate the total cost of each system assuming all of the items listed will be purchased 3 Least expensive computer system highlighted in blue 2 New pricing entered in cost per machine formulas 6 Cost of the purchase of 30 machines at new pricing 6 Lowest final cost for 30 machines highlighted 2 TOTAL POSSIBLE POINTS: 25 YOUR SCORE: _______________...
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