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Question 41 #2 The American Federation of Labor was formed by skill craft union members that were kicked out of one of the earlier formed unions know as Knights of Labor. The KOL was founded as a secret society. This union was secret in an attempt to protect its members from being fired in retaliation for their union membership. The KOL was the first union with a member based that spanned the entire nation. They believed in the philosophy of “one big” union. They were accepted by both employees and employers. The KOL was very successful in the beginning, winning concessions for the employee. They are credited for being the first organized union to do so. These concessions were in the area of focus that they focused on; social and economic reform. It is believed that their success was because they exercised political actions by voting, using voluntary arbitration and the avoidance of strikes. The union had a preference for education over pressure tactics. Ultimately, the KOL had several flaws that contributed to their demise. These failures or flaws include
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