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11406 the crosstalk between two pathways with

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Unformatted text preview: Two Pathways With plentiful energy from carbohydrates, when With not all the glucose can be oxidized or stored as glycogen, glycogen, The excess is channeled into biosynthesis of The fatty acids (for storage as TAGs) As often, this is not simply the reverse of β As oxidation, but entails as its first step Carboxylation of acetyl-CoA to produce malonylCarboxylation malonylCoA (see Ch. 21) Rather than reversing thiolase, which has other Rather thiolase which consequences (discussed later) consequences 11.4.06 21 Overall Control of Fatty Acid Oxidation transporter β -oxidation Fatty acyl-CoA burn store II I TAG’s and PL’s Mitochondrial membrane Malonyl-CoA High (from activation NADH of fatty acid biosynthesis from excess glucose) 22 Note need For NAD+ Fig. 17-8 11.4.06 Summary of Control Point...
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