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Unformatted text preview: 21-1 11.4.06 After Activation, Biosynthesis! To make a fatty acid, first a 2-carbon unit is To activated, becoming malonyl-CoA activated, Conceptually mirroring β -oxidation, a four-step Conceptually -oxidation, process then lengthens the nascent fatty acid chain by 2 carbons chain Employing a remarkable enzyme complex Employing containing 7 different activities containing And a long flexible prosthetic tether derived from And pantothenate (where else is this used?) pantothenate 11.4.06 4 At “Start”, Who’s Holding Whom? And How? The acetyl- and malonylThe acetyl- and malonylCoA thio-esters can CoA “load” onto the thiol groups of a cysteine residue in KS (β -ketoresidue acyl-ACP synthase) and acyl-ACP ACP-4’PPT respectively ACP-4’PPT This primes the system This for the subsequent reactions reactions ACP K...
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