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21 11 17 why should feedback be as shown and why

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Unformatted text preview: ld feedback be as shown, and why should citrate, especially, Why play such a central role? Both citrate and malonyl-CoA regulate the choice of oxidizing metabolic Both fuel vs. its storage as fatty acids, and involves allosteric signals Acetyl-CoA carboxylase is also regulated by phosphorylation, which Acetyl-CoA causes depolymerization of its filaments and thus inactivation causes 11.4.06 How Are Choices About Fatty Acid Metabolism Made? Fatty acids are a valuable fuel, and are burned Fatty only when their energy is needed only In the cytosol of liver cells, fatty acyl-CoA’s are Either taken into mitochondria for β -oxidation Either Or converted into TAGs and phospholipids by Or cytosolic enzymes cytosolic This metabolic fork is governed by the rate of This uptake of fatty acyl-CoA’s into mitochondria uptake Which can be inhibited by malonyl-CoA… Which 11.4.06 18 Recall Control o...
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