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21 4 5 fig 21 5 11406 step 1 a condensation

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Unformatted text preview: S Fig. 21-4 5 Fig. 21-5 11.4.06 Step 1: A Condensation & Elimination Reaction 6 Fig. 21-2 11.4.06 Step 2: A Reduction Reaction Note: FAS FAS 7 Fig. 21-2 11.4.06 Step 3: A Dehydration Reaction FAS FAS 8 Fig. 21-2 11.4.06 Step 4: A Reduction Reaction (Again) Observe that all of the Observe previous four reactions have been carried out tethered to the 4’PPT of ACP of And that the original And acetyl group attached to KS is at the terminal end of the chain end 11.4.06 Note: FAS Fig. 21-2 9 FAS Now Go Back to Start… Fig. 21-6 & 7 10 After the first After complete cycle, the fully reduced butyryl group is now transferred back to the Cys residue of KS, Thus freeing up Thus the 4’PPT tether of ACP to accept another moiety of malonyl-CoA malonyl-CoA …and the cycle and can continue can 11....
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